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Style means many things to different people. It is the marker of identity and how we choose to portray ourselves in the crazy world we live in. Style is how we say who “we” are. My style, like many others has been shaped by my personal experiences, my travels and the cities I am inspired by.

MIN The Label is founded both in the laidback laneways of Melbourne and frenetic streets of New York. Two very different cities you might be thinking but they have more in common than you think.

Melbourne style is often synonymous with one word: black. An elegant contradiction that conceals and accentuates, black says a lot with a little, without trying at all. I’ve lived in Melbourne for the last 12 years and it is where I was first drawn to the minimalist aesthetic. If anything, Melbourne style has taught me that black is far from boring.

After studying fashion in New York and a volunteer trip to Cambodia I became passionate about sustainable fashion and how to embody and empower women, without costing the earth.

Both the New York and Melbourne woman want to express their unique selves everyday, but also be comfortable and ready for any situation. This is at the heart of MIN The Label. Style should fit into every woman’s life and complement it, without restricting us and without harming the environment we need to live in.

MIN The Label is made from recycled, natural and eco-friendly fabric that is one hundred per cent biodegradable. This is at the heart of our product. We provide a minimalist capsule collection that is sustainable, and that will complement your existing wardrobe.

The modern woman is faced with so many challenges, but we hope shopping for sustainability without compromising style just got a little bit easier.  We hope you enjoy the collection.


Ellie Min

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